A Business Proposal that Taught Us Relationship Goals in a Fulfilling Way

One of the modern-like typical K-drama that everyone loves to put into the process. A Business Proposal is a manhwa turned into live drama action written by HaeHwa and illustrated by Narak. With the same name, it catches your heart and underlying friendships that you couldn't resist.

It was aired on both SBS Drama and is currently available on Netflix. The main casts are Ahn Hyoseop, Kim Se jeong, Seo In Na, and Kim Mingue. This comical yet has meaningful lessons that paved the way to focus your attention on each charismatic character they portrayed. Let us share wonderful moments that you'll never forget in the drama. A Business Proposal that Taught Us Relationships in a Fulfilling Way.

  1. Female Leads that Rules their Relish Life

If there certain amount of women empowerment you encounter in K-dramas. These two female characters lead us to the enduring women friendship they have despite their social status. Shin Hari and Jin Young Seo deliver the message social status shouldn't be the reason that must end your friendship. It does last with compassion and consideration for each other circumstances and goals. 

The two female leads indicate a strong impression that female friendships are worth having. As we all know, bromance is the top main element of every Korean drama. But, you can tell these two manhwa-written female leads change the status quo.

2. Dynamic Bromance that gives warm conversations

They are not only handsome in their physique but give warm conversations as well. Despite their pasts, they stay in their lance in coping with new beginnings both in their career and romantic relationships. The Wheel of Fortune began to shift its kind-hearted personality that shines throughout the series. 

The Bromance duo will never be left off the ground as it became one of the main elements in Korean drama. You can just feel their brotherly love wherever they go, whatever they do. Although Kang Taemu is a chaebol, he still cares for Cha Sunghoon as well as he loves Shin Hari. Doesn't it?

3. Comical yet Precious TaeRi Couple

Due to the outgoing nurture of Kim Sejeong Personality, it states that she is the best actress portraying both Shin Hari and Shin Geum Hee. 

It shows that even Kang Taemu, a business-focus man who falls in love with her charming personality is proof that they are meant for each other no matter how big their gap in social status is. CEO or Boss-Employee unfolding relationship shares the word 'love' has no walls and can't be broken once it has blossomed into an intimate one like Kang Tae mu's genuine love for Shin Hari.

4. Proactive and reliable HoonSeo

No matter how you feel upset about the status of your love for someone. You still can't deny the HoonSeo's destiny or fate-like encounter hopes for your future relationships too. The true-to-life story of HoonSeo brings so much healing to the sound of unseen deep love emotion of every K-drama fanatic out there. Jin Young Seo is comfortable with being rich or chaebol in her household but still chooses to live frugally. Her character seems the epitome of being enthusiastic yet sensible in her world. 

When she meet Cha Sunghoon she fell in love deeply. In contrast, Sunghoon is known for being honest and precise as an aspect of his attitude towards work and life in general. Due to his unforeseen power to be emotionally stable. He helps Youngseo to make her dreams come true in the last episode. A flawless confession of loving and support in both ways in their romantic relationship

5. Humorous Bond of 90' liners

The undeniable profound chemistry between characters in this drama is also shown behind-the-camera scenes. The overall casting of 'A Business Proposal' became a hot issue due to the collaborative temperament for their real personalities in life. Ahn Hyo-seop is known as INTP vibe with a charming personality that Kim Sejeong has as an ENTP. Both main leads confirm that they go along well together even during the filming shoot of their drama.

Same with Seo In Ah as Jin Youngseo, Kim Mingue as Cha Sunghoon portrays well their drama characters as well. It gives your tummy butterflies and a giddy effect afterward. A soulmate-like friendship begins to unfold during the drama shoot and the viewers can't wait to watch their scenes together on-screen.

These beautiful souls in their young age the main reason why they click instantly. Their friendship shows that they are all soulmates and meant to work together in the profound drama industry they belong to.

Watch this enthusiastic friendship moment of the 'A Business Proposal' main casts on The Swoon Youtube Channel. A gift for those who can still feel the post-drama depression after the drama series.

The overflowing undying chemistry and friendship lead you to new profound memories and meaningful lessons as well. Doesn't it? Feel free to share your favorite moment or click-scenes in their drama below!

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