Fanmeeting Recap: Kim Rowoon Finally Meets His Filipino Fans

K-drama fans and SF9 Filipino fans rejoiced as they had finally met their idol, the South Korean actor, model, and singer, Kim Rowoon. Brought to you by Globe Kmunnity PH, the first fan meeting event of his solo career took place on June 26 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

The MOA Arena was filled with excitement and enthusiasm by the fans as they were finally expecting to see their favorite idol, Kim Seokho or more commonly known as Rowoon.

Fans started lining up from 1PM until the start of the show. The fan meeting started at 5pm, fans already gathered inside the arena and patiently waiting for Rowoon to get to the stage. By 6pm, Rowoon finally came out which made the fans go wild. 

The actor was so shocked by the number of fans who attended as he didn't expect it to happen. He

In case, you have missed the exclusive fan meeting with Rowoon, here are some of the things that happened during the fan meet! 

Learning some Tagalog words with a twist.

Rowoon did some challenges by reading some Tagalog words through twisters. Fans were delighted to see how the actor did his best in every part of the sentence. 

Trying out some Filipino food. 

Along with Filipino Lesson 101, Rowoon got the opportunity to try some of the famous Filipino street foods such as turon with langka, taho, and puto bumbong. 

He told the fans that he is most curious about taho. The actor mention he has usually eaten "soy bean soup" in Korea, so he wonders what "taho" tastes like. 

Rowoon also got to try turon with langka where he described the food as "perfect after working out." Meanwhile, the actor got the fans laughing when asked if "puto bumbong" is eaten at the party. 

Rowoon has worn Barong Tagalog and played sipa. 

The actor was asked to wear a Barong Tagalog during the fan meeting. Due to his amazing built and appearance, he is no wonder a perfect model for brands and sponsorships. Not to mention that he is an experienced model. 

Fans got wild and fell in love once more as Rowoon got to try the Barong Tagalog. It perfectly fit him and it even made him more attractive. 

After that, he also tried to play the Filipino traditional game called "sipa". He tried it many times until he accepted that he was bad at doing it. 

Pinoy Henyo with fans.

Rowoon played Pinoy Henyo with the fans and the actor had to guess something related to Korean culture. He guessed some of the questions with the help of the audience. After the game, he was asked to try some of the costumes for the consequences even though he won. He wore Angel's wings but put them on his chest instead. That made the fans crack again. 

Life Advice from Rowoon

Some videos from fans were shown where they asked Rowoon to give some life advice to them. Rowoon gave some meaningful life advice to the fans. He once said that he deals with stress by just accepting it. Because it doesn't just go at once when you fight with it. 

Fans are swooned by the heartful and touching advice the actor shared with. 

Speed Trivia 

Fans got to know more about the actor by playing speed trivia with him. The actor revealed some of the things that fans have to know about him. 

The 2-hour fan meeting with Rowoon was filled with joy. Rowoon ended the show with an amazing performance. He serenaded the fans with such an angelic voice. He sang an OST from "King's Affection." It was truly a memorable date night experience for the fans. Rowoon says goodbye and expresses his gratitude. He also asked the fans to continue to support him and not forget him. 

In 2016, he made his singing debut with the boy band SF9. He began acting in the next year's "School 2017" series, and he continued to have small parts in various productions up until he took the lead in the fantasy drama "Extraordinary You (2019)."

His popularity began to rose after portraying Haru from the K-drama "Extraordinary You", a shadowy boy who was meant to be a supporting character in their webtoon universe. Due to his physical attributes that are emphasized in the drama and his consistent performance, many fans have started to notice and love him more. 

Thank you Globe Kmunnity PH for bringing Rowoon to Manila! 

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