The Hammingtons want Stray Kids to guest on their show

Our favorite family from Superman Returns is holding their first fanmeeting in Manila, dubbed "The Hammingtons in Juanderland." The performance is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 17, 2022 at the New Frontier Theater.

Following their arrival, The Hammingtons attended a press conference hosted by CDM Entertainment at the Novotel, Cubao. Sam, William, and Ben talked about their lives and travel experiences, as well as how much they enjoyed the weather and are looking forward to meeting their fans in Manila. Sam Hammington stated that they did not over-prepare for the show because the family wanted it to be a real-life experience in which they could meet the fans naturally.

During the press conference, William and Ben were asked about their future ambitions. William expressed an interest in becoming a horseback rider. Meanwhile, Ben expressed an interest in becoming a chip grower.

When asked how his attitude toward speaking English has changed, Ben stated that he now enjoys speaking English because he has matured. The two children have also expressed an interest in becoming volleyball players.

Later, when the Hammingtons were asked who they wanted to appear on their WilBen Show, William stated that he wanted Stray Kids to appear. Meanwhile, Ben expressed his desire for Spongebob and Squidward.

When asked if they wanted a baby sister, William stated that he did not want a baby sister at this time. Meanwhile, Ben wishes to have a baby sister, but changes his mind after hearing his older brother's reaction. In addition, Sam discussed his feelings about being a father to these adorable babies from The Return of Superman.

"I guess for me, it is about having a friendship with them but also being a parent." It’s kind of difficult because you have to fix them. What works for Ben, doesn’t work for William. What works for William doesn’t work for Ben."

The Hammingtons are scheduled to perform at the New Frontier Theater on Sunday, July 17, 2022. Catch them live at The Hammingtons in Juanderland and play with William and Ben!

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