5 Kdramas that will improve your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Business + Life Kdrama genres have changed the perspective of your mind and action for your dreams and goals into motivational outcomes to succeed. In a balanced way, it leads you to get more wisdom that you can share with anyone who needs to hear it. Let us share some great Kdramas that will improve your Entrepreneurial Mindset.

  1. Search WWW

A digital business type of Korean drama that focuses on the daily lives of the three women: Im Soojung, Lee Da Hee, and Jeon Hyejin who rule the digital world of internet web search engines. It also portrays women's empowerment and why most women are capable of handling work situations as a life lesson.

The main lesson you'll get from here is to take a chance to become better and grow as a woman leader that follows through with a humble heart and ambition to face the challenges they went through during the journey of adulthood.

      2. Start-Up

One of the massive favorites of every start-up CEO or human inventor in today's new age in the business industry. Not only business owners or entrepreneurs will benefit from this but many people who want to fight for their dreams. 

An inspirational yet conventional type of K-drama focuses on the inner personal growth, sacrifice, and determination to share their dream vision with the many people that resonate with. With a wholesome amazing cast including Bae Suzy, Kim Seon Ho, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kang Hanna who found a way to keep their strength in developing a solution in society that will be beneficial in long run like investment, automatic driving cars for the disabled person, etc.

    3. A Business Proposal

One of the typical rom-com yet with a form of business-related Korean drama that every fangirl would love to watch. It is derived from a webtoon called 사내 맞선. It consists of overflowing chemistry between the characters of Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Su-Jeong, Kim Min Kyu, and Seol In-Ah.

You will feel giddy and full of butterflies in your stomach while watching. At the same time, it features the common insights of handling Korean food cuisines and beauty ventures that can make a difference to those who have an interest in it.

     4. Itaewon Class

One of the best Korean dramas that blew our minds during the beginning of the pandemic, was the year 2020. It is no other than the detailed journey and hardship of Park Sae-royi played by Park Seo-Joon with his female lead Kim Dami as Jo Yi-SEO. It discusses a lot of personal journeys about life struggles in keeping a stable heart and mind to following what makes you happy and serve others with humility. Despite society's conform, the whole message of the drama is that we have ruins and storms in life but keep strong you'll get a breakthrough.

      5. Dali and Cocky Prince

Another type of business in the rom-com genre is a drama that shifts the way you would think about the main characters that Kim Minjae and Park Gyu young plays. The first ever rom-com genre that Minjae portrayed in the drama industry. It showcases the different aspects of emotional, personal, and financial with integrity in both personal and professional relationships in life. 

While watching the whole point of this drama is to show that sometimes discomfort is part of the process to keep moving forward in future endeavors like what Dali went through in sustaining the Museum of her non-biological father with the help of changing her mindset by receiving counsel from Jin Mo-Hak, the director of Dondon F&B, from a small gamja-tang restaurant into a global food service company.

You had learned more about entrepreneurial skills and mindset that can be your asset. Which Korean drama do you like the most? Share with us below!

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