Your one-stop Podcast to satisfy your Korean pop kulture Kravings


Have you been looking for a podcast that talks about your favorite K-pop Groups, K-dramas, K-Beauty, and everything or anything with a K?

The Kimbop Show ” is your one-stop Podcast to satisfy your Korean pop kulture Kravings. Served fresh every other Friday. Hosted by Zee & Michy.

The Kimbop Show is an interactive Filipino Podcast that talks about All Things K from the perspective of two titas: Zee and Michy. 

How did "The Kimbop Show" start?

Zee: It started because we always wanted to do a podcast but I just can’t find the right timing and right person to do it with. However, the quarantine gave me the perfect chance to find both. I approached Michy and pitched my idea about the podcast and I’m just glad that she just rolled with it. And that’s how The KimBop Show! came to be. 

Michy: I already had a plan to make a podcast but I wasn’t sure about what the topic’s gonna be about + I didn’t have anyone in mind who could do a show for me. When Zee approached me about a podcast and her ideas I just went with it not only because I’ve been wanting to do it but more so I’d love to do a show on the things I love.

 What can the audience expect?

Zee: We’ve always envisioned the podcast to be not just about us - Zee & Michy. Ever since we started, we have always tried to get our listeners involved by letting them share their fangirling stories or answering a survey that will later be featured in the episode. We are also constantly trying to reach out to different people for collabs and we are actually dishing out an episode with one of the Philippines’ top podcasts - Tsaastrology - out this Friday, August 21. 

We’re just 3 episodes in and we still have so much more in store for our listeners. So I guess they can expect more fun and interactive podcast episodes from us. 

Michy: Aside from the audiences they can also expect to hear our stories, experiences, and opinions that are related to the topic we also do things like Listening Parties, Playlists, and interactions in preparation for our future episodes. As of now for our Listening Parties, we only did Treasure, Itzy (Not Shy), Day 6, and THE BOYZ.

 Apart from full episodes, recently we announced that we’ll be having filler episodes not only to make up for our bi-weekly upload schedule but it’s to give us some things to talk about that isn’t necessarily major, but it’s still worth talking about regardless.

Goals for the podcast

Zee: Personally, this is just something I’m doing to cross out off of my bucket list so I don’t really have goals per se. But of course, it goes without saying that public recognition gets anyone’s butt excited. Just recently, Globe Kmmunity followed The KimBop! Show’s Twitter account and it’s probably just a muggle thing for other people but for Michy and me, it was crazy. Little comments and messages and feedbacks from friends and listeners alike make our heart flutter. 

While Charting is cute and all, I guess that is just the cherry on top of the cake! Our ultimate goal is still to make relatable content so when people listen to our podcast, they won’t feel as if they’re just HEARING a conversation of two people but that they’re actually PART of the conversation.

Michy: We also managed to get a shout-out from Globe Kmmunity! Pero ayun nga, like Zee said major recognition may be the cherry on top, it somewhat keeps us going. Though, we believe that the ultimate goal is that we have listeners who can relate and add more of their stories, experiences, and opinions aside from ours. 

So if you want to add more to our upcoming episodes, feel free to follow us on our social media accounts to know more of our upcoming questions, episodes, and new events.

As a K-pop/Hallyu fan, I'm honestly glad to have found a place where I can listen and hear someone talk about some of the untold topics about Hallyu or KPOP, Where I can relate and reminisce the days where we used to all connect together, It's like having another K-pop friend that tells her story while in quarantine.

So if you are looking for a podcast that talks about all of your favorite KPOP Idols, Drama's, Variety Shows, or Anything connected with a K "The Kimbop Show" is the best PODCAST for you!

Don't forget to tune in every other Friday together with your Host's Zee & Michy.

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