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Paint your nails with your fave K-Pop Group

Recently I have been obsessed with looking at people's nails and of course Nail arts, It all started because of the comeback teasers of Blackpink, Honestly, I was soo curious on what they had on and how I will be able to get it done, I always wondered if there are any places in Manila that I can get it made, but of course, we can't get our nails done at any salon yet, because of course the pandemic and since I'm such a clutz I don't even know how to style or do my own nails 

Good thing I found someone that is really good at making our nails pretty and also has designs that KPOP or Hallyu Fans will like.


Nails by Mara Loyola is owned by a Make-Up Artist / Nail Artist. She started it as a hobby. It was from a sudden drive to relive her love for the arts. From a young age,  Eventually, she branched out to other forms of art such as makeup and nail art. 

She left her corporate job to study makeup artistry to pursue her passion. She started working in the beauty industry for a year as a makeup artist. When the quarantine started it made her rediscover nail art. 

She really liked doing it as a hobby at first until someone recognized her work and asked if she could make a set of custom nails, she delivered and the client loved it. this is where it all started, brush after brush her clients grew bigger post after post returning clients wants another. If you love your job you'll never call it to work again.

She has done a version of Blackpink's Lisa Nail on the Teaser Photo of How You Like That, BT21, BTS Love Yourself, Girls Generation & Super Junior's ELF Themed Nails.

Aside from her KPOP Inspired Nail Designs she also has different Nail Design Themes.

She also recently released her new Nail Design Collection that is perfect for Spring and Summer

If you are into Nail Arts, Please do check out Nails by Mara Loyola you will surely love her designs <3

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