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A.C.E's COMEBACK on Early September?

A.C.E has been around for 3 years and 3 months in Kpop since their debut. A.C.E  had started as buskers mainly on the streets off Hongdae, Mapo-gu, Sinchon and etc. They already made some iconic cover's like Blackpink's Stay With Me & Playing Fire, 5 Second of Summer's Easier and Youngblood, EXO's Tempo & Kokobop in their Official Youtube Channel. A.C.E is said to have their comeback this early September as all members changed their haircolor since last week of June.


alt:="A.C.E's Selca"


Prior to comeback, they pre-release of of their songs in the upcoming 4th mini album entitled "편지를 써 (Stand by you)" last June 24, 2020 on digital and upload the MV last July 29, 2020.  The actress in the music video itself represents their fandom "CHOICE". The lyrics portray their heartfelt emotions for their fans.

A.C.E - 편지를 써 (Stand by you) M/V

Aside from that, they newly released their hiking trip kind of movie entitled as  "On The Road" where experience to be hikers in 3 days and required to finish 1000km together to see the first sunrise in Sunrise Star Cruise. It is a hour and 30 minutes movie premiered both in Lotte Cinema in Hongdae and online on their Youtube channel on August 09, 2020 at 5PM KST. Replay is still available on Youtube.


After attending the Movie Screening in Hongdae, They suddenly join one of the busker girls performing their song "SAVAGE" & "UNDERCOVER"They went from trainees who showed up at a busking to real idol singers who showed up at a busking. (credits to: bubblyself) Watch the full video

A.C.E's as buskers (PRE-DEBUT)

A.C.E's busking as Idol Singer's with busker girls "DIANA" performing SAVAGE

The busker girl group Diana is really surprised when A.C.E suddenly joined them as you could see on the video. 

Lastly, A.C.E's upcoming 4th mini album with have 5 new songs. One title track, One pre-release song "편지를 써 (Stand by you)" and 3 other tracks. 

Warning: *spoiler content* 
They choreo said to be most hard choreography next to Undercover and has a storyline.

Who's ready for their grand comeback? Tell us how do you prepare your heart for the comeback below.

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