5 KBeauty Products To Try at Home

Korean Beauty has been evolving since 2018 due to its high functioning technology going on Seoul, South Korea. Many beauty brand tend to do research about easy turn on devices or even change up beauty products into more sustainable and minimal usage for poreless skin just like glass skin and cream skin. Today let us share most Kbeauty products to try at home.

KBeauty Products to Try at Home

1.  VANAV UP6 device

VANAV UP6 made it hit the Korean beauty market since 2018. Aside from galvanic ion massager, a newly skincare device is convenient to use at your homes. UP6 device is also the one that Crash Landing On You Female Star Lead, Son Ye Jin uses in real life. Son Yejin said herself that she uses it every night skincare routine for poreless skin. 

The device made on camera on one of CLOY's episodes. It is just like a CF. Right?

alt:="kbeauty: VANAV UP6 Device"


2. Sooryehan 

Actress Park Minyoung is the model of the skincare product. Sooryehan Skincare products are made with Korean Herbal Medicine(Hanbang). It is popular due to its natural source of ingredients like Korean ginseng, Ssanghwacha, etc. The package comes in a box where you can get your desired Korean skincare routine.

Park Minyoung is the model for this product. It also caught on air in her previous drama series "When The Weather is Fine"

alt:="sooryehan kbeauty"

3. Fresh 

This brand also focuses on natural ingredients like rose fragrance, grapefruit, and many more. Aside from skincare, they also have body care & fragrance products. It was lately endorsed by Rising Actor Kim Minjae. See the photos below.

alt:="kbeauty: freshbeautykorea"

alt:="fresh kbeauty: Kim Minjae"

4. CellReturn Platinum LED Mask

CellReturn Platinum LED Mask is the newest skincare obsession of Korean Stars. It became popular since the last year 2019. Due to its high function of new skincare technology, not only Kstars loved it. Most in Korea us it to minimize their pores. It was also a must-have for those who want to have ageless skin!

The Brand Ambassadors are Actor Park Seojun, Lee Min Ho and Actress Kang Sora.

alt:="cellreturn premium kbeauty"

Which you like the best? Or have you ever try this on your own! Share us your review in the comments below. Skincare is selfcare.

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