Korean-American emerging KHiphop artist JUNGSU drops "Need Ya Now" through Spotify, other music platforms

Emerging KHiphop artist JUNGSU drops his new single "Need Ya Now" earlier today through Spotify and other music platforms. 

In times like this, whenever I'm listening to a new track online, I will make sure that it satisfies my mind and soul. With Need Ya Now, the song reflects the intense need of every person asking for God's help and mercy. 

"Free me from all things scheming to hurt me," if you already listened to the said song, it may respond the same to the pleading sentiments of the character asking for forgiveness for the wrongs he had done in life.

JUNGSU always keeps his music consistent. Being a Christian, an element of his songs has a prominent significance for God. His songs are soothing, and adding warm to them is his deep-toned voice that goes so well with his style in music.

Have a taste of the song of JUNGSU's "Need Ya Now" on Spotify. He will continue to develop as an artist in the Korean hip-hop music scene and to create his own path. You will definitely be going to fall in love with his music so you better watch him out.

Check out JUNGSU on Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes.

You can hear one of his tracks "Off My Chest" on his official YouTube channel.

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