Why you need a Super Junior's official lightstick Version 2 for Super Show 8

The King of Hallyu Wave, Super Junior currently on tour for Super Show 8. It's essential to have a lightstick in every KPOP concerts. Last month, I was able to get my own Super Junior's official lightstick Version 2 just in time for Super Show 8.


It's my first ever fanlight that I purchased as a KPOP fan. Been a Super Junior stan for the past 10 years. Saving up for purchasing their merchandise is a dream come true.

Here are some reasons why you need a Super Junior's official lightstick version 2 during Super Show 8:

1. To be a part of pearl sapphire blue ocean

When we did it last December 15 as part of Super Junior's last leg of their tour in 2019, I became a part of the pearl sapphire blue ocean. Good thing that it was synchronized during the show.

Photo credit: @rochinixxii on Twitter

2. Handy and easy to use

You can put your Super Bong version 2 in your wrist while waiting for the show starts. Press the button for 3 seconds when turning on/off the lightstick. If you want to see the colorful light, press it twice to turn on/off the Bluetooth function. To get these results, it must sync to Wyth app. 

3. Part of a Super Junior fan collection

If you're an E.L.F., you can have it as part of your collection, aside from the merchandise that you purchase. You can shop for Super Junior's merch via SM Global Shop.

Start saving up as SM Global Shop is pre-ordering the Suju bong version 2 until next month. Check out their online shop from artists from SM Entertainment here.

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