Pledis Entertainment demands apology for sajaegi accusation to NU'EST

Korean variety show, 'Unanswered Questions' recently put out an episode about sajaegi. They cited NU'EST as one of the possibly suspicious artists. It was proven that the suspicion came from group downloading done by fans. NU'EST's entertainment company didn't like how this turned out.

Pledis Entertainment responded to the issue. "Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. We are letting you know our statement on the SBS 'Unanswered Question' episode about sajaegi. Before we say anything, we want to confirm that we did not do any illegal activities."

They were heavily dismayed by having one of their artists get drag into such an inappropriate suspicions and demanded apology. " We ask for the admission that it was a mistake to leak NU'EST's name on the brodcast, and ask for their correction and apology. Thank you."

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