BTS snags the Grand Prize at the 34th Golden Disc Awards Day 1

The 34th Golden Disc Awards took place at Gocheok Skydome over the weekend. The show happened in two days, January 4 and January 5 respectively.

The first day focuses on recognizing artists' achievements digitally. After winning a bonsang for their 2019 digital success, global superstars, BTS also took home the grand prize.

Big Hit Entertainment founder and co-CEO, Bang Si Hyuk was present to receive the award in behalf of the septet. "First, I'd like to sincerely congratulate BTS on becoming the stars of the Digital Song Grand Prize. Last week, I attended Park Jinyoung's concert. When I went there, I became deeply moved as I reminisced about the mood, and even the smell of the studio we worked in together 20 years ago. Now that I think about BTS, It's already been seven years since their debut. The success they've achieved until now is unbelievably amazing, and I'm positive that they'll achieve even greater things in the future as well, but I think that in 13 years, they'll still be able to laugh with me as we talk about music. I hope they'll continue to be singers who love, and I pray that BTS will be able to continue making music happily."

He then continued, "I will now read this letter written by the members for the fans: 'To ARMY all over the world who love our music, thank you very much. We'll continue to be with you through our music in 2020, and in the future as well. As long as ARMY is there to listen to our music, BTS is happy and BTS will be happy."

Congratulations to BTS!

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