Big Hit Entertainment founder, Bang Si Hyuk wins the Producer's Award at the 34th Golden Disc Awards

The annual Golden Disc Awards recently took place last January 4-5, 2020.

The Producers' Award was taken by Big Hit Entertainment founder, Bang Si Hyuk. He is known to be the person behind the success of global supertars, BTS and the up-and-coming group, Tomorrow X Together.

In a speech given by the man himself upon receiving the award, he took his time to express his gratitude as well as his views on the entertainment industry.

“Looking back on last year, so much happened. South Korea’s great music and content received recognition on the global stage as well as on the charts, which made the year all the more meaningful. But last year also saw so many sad and heartbreaking (moments), during which I felt responsibility as a producer to create a better environment.”

He strongly urged everybody including fans and media to be responsible too. “People in the industry, fans and the media should all do better in creating an environment in which our beloved artists can live happily, not as artists but as human beings first,” he said. “Humans deserve respect and to shine for being human. I hope this year is full of good things, and happy new year, everyone.”

You may watch the video here.

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