So Natural Korean Brand has officially launched in the Philippines

So Natural is a beauty brand that has finally launched in the Philippines. They held its grand launching event at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan.

Together with one of the CEOs, makeup artists, and beauty influencers, So Natural introduces their renowned products which are directly from South Korea.

So Natural was established in 2007 which makes nature-friendly cosmetic products enriched with high functional plant extracts and highly concentrated plant essences. It is a South Korean beauty brand that focuses on makeup and skincare products. It showcases high-quality products that are expertly crafted from natural resources. That being said, the products that they offer are definitely good for your skin.

In addition, So Natural products' ingredients have minimal additives. That is because they aim to provide you with rich nourishment for a naturally healthy-looking complexion.

They show off distinctive products according to your skin type. For instance, if you are prone to acne, the red series products are good for you. Take note that when you apply them on your face, you might feel some itchiness which means that the itchy part of the skin is where the dead cells are.

So Natural is continuously expanding globally and they launch 2 new products every month. Anti-Aging Skincare products, Cosmeceutical, Brightening, Anti-Aging Skincare and Makeup are So Natural's products that you can purchase. They are now available at SEOULUNNI OFFICIAL WEBSITE and BEAUTYMNL OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

If you are a Korean beauty enthusiast, keep that glow with So Natural!

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