Epic Moments from the Bon Voyage series that BTS and ARMYs will treasure forever

BTS Bon Voyage Season 4 premieres tonight at 9PM KST exclusively on WeVerse. This annual travel series is finally back and will feature the beautiful New Zealand.

The first ever season of Bon Voyage was aired in 2016 where the group had a surprised Europe Tour (Norway, Sweden and Finland) for a week. In 2017, the septet spent a week in Hawaii on their break during the Wings Tour. In 2018, the boys visited the peaceful Malta.

To celebrate the premiere tonight, here are the best Bon Voyage memories we came to know throughout the years!


BTS got surprised by cameras and staff inside their small dorm, telling them they will go on a Europe tour visiting three countries and only have 50 minutes to pack. I repeat: 50 minutes to pack going halfway across the world!

Only one person has the right not to panic - Kim Taehyung! The red-haired idol will be joining the trip a day later because of his shooting schedule of his drama, Hwarang.

Bon Voyage stands out of all the rest of variety shows because it gives the idols a chance to travel as normal people. Normal = limited budget, things will be done on their own, like for example, checking in the airport. All these years, this is done by their staff until now.

After a short while arriving in Bergen, Jungkook switch to his alter ego, the Laundry Fairy, as he took on the laundry first thing after reaching their house. He struggled along the way as the instructions are not even in english!

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope and Jimin surprised the maknae in celebration of his coming-of-age! And as expected, Eomma Jin is in-charge of cooking with the help of Yoongi.

First in the long list of things that BTS lost during Bon Voyage is: Jimin's bag which he left at the bus they rode.

Second on the list, while strolling the streets, the golden maknae took his time appreciating and taking photos of Bergen and ended up almost lost.

Due to their small budget, traveling to the top of the mountains will require them to split their group. some will walk and others will take the cable car. While on top of the mountain, Hoseok lost their roundtrip tickets. Thankfully someone was able to pick it up or they will end up going down the mountain by walking.

RM also 'lost' his bag atop of the mountain but the staff asked him to do a freestyle rap because they got the bag when they found it.

While hopping to the next dorm, Yoongi forgot something important - his iPad!

V came to Sweden in a different flight as them. Upon arriving at the airport, given no help is provided by staff, he took the wrong bus and ended up lost. For a lost person, he is quite calm. If only wasn't for Jimin who got worried and called, the rest of the boys will not know his current situation.

In a train ride, V "lost" his bag and it turns out it was a prank by the members. It almost ended up with Jin and V fighting till V double-crossed them, telling them he knows that its just acting because the guys are bad at it!

J-Hope and Jimin agreed to dance on the streets for them to be able to use the staff's credit card for food. Its also the same place where they danced a few years back.

The season's worst nightmare came about when RM lost his passport. Then the next day, he went to the embassy to ask for help.

J-Hope's most memorable quote of all time was coined in Bon Voyage Season 1.

BTS rode a cruise to their final destination. This was their last time together as when they get off, Namjoon will be going back to Korea.

The staff rented a camping car for the group when they reached Finland.

They took a quick visit by the beach and did a short self-made music video for 'Save Me'

Their day in Sweden was spent: Biking in the rain,

... and a local Sauna trip.

Games were played and a punishment is given to losers. Whoever loses must dip their entire body in the cold lake.

And going to the hot tub right after. With a few minutes of them in, the hot tub became a bubble bath. Apparently, the laundry fairy put so much fabric softener in last night's laundry.

To finish the season off. The staff handed them hand written letters from their CEO, Bang Si Hyuk and manager, Sejin. Even though RM wasnt with them, he got the letters too.


In between their busy schedule during The Wings Tour in 2017, the septet took over Hawaii for another season of Bon Voyage!

Arriving in Hawaii, they made a quick stop at the store to buy some clothes that will give them the feels of being a native citizen.

They created another self-made MV while dancing in the streets.

The boys went snorkeling in the clear beach of Hawaii

They went face to face with the sharks underwater too!

A trip to the beach of the maknae line resulted to JK being splashed by sea water. take note, only him got wet when all three of them were there.

On a game for individual budget, the gang played with bottle cap. With the aim to knock down bowling pins with amount of money, Jungkook ended up negative and will not have any money for the next day.

The boys once again climbed the mountains and watched the sunset together.

The next day, they took on a helicopter tour above a volcano.

The eldest also went against a new friend for a bowing battle!

In the next house they need to stay, V ran into a problem... literally.

Bon Voyage 2 is a home to the start of a new closeness, especially for these two:

The Bangtan Boys rode ATVs together and got recognized by some fans along the way.

They also went to the mountains eating a raw banana.

The boys also took on the challenge of surfing. With the guidance of an instructor, they braved the Hawaiian waves!


The global superstars went to the Mediterranean in 2018. The super group visited Malta for the first time ever in Bon Voyage Season 3!

In their new dorm, BTS gone packing for their trip! Due to a family emergency, V had to delay his trip and will be joining them 2 days later.

Upon arriving, the six boys immediately rented cars to use during their stay. This is the first time they were allowed to drive their cars in BV.

They had their first meal in Malta in a restaurant overlooking the beautiful sea!

The rooming selection was a bit tricky. To sum it all up, each member will enter the house and open the door to the room they choose. No one will break the rule even it someone ends up sleeping on the floor or no one sleeping in a room. One room were taken by the 94 Liners, J-Hope and RM. The 2nd floor room were taken by Jin, Suga and Jimin. The last room was taken by Jungkook. leaving him the only one with a solo room. But everything will change when Taehyung comes and pick his room.

The boys started their own dance party blasting off their newly released songs from Love Yourself: Answer.

The party continued in a private boat they rented.

Missing dear Taehyungie, his soulmate, Jimin initiated a video message and sent it to him while he is on the way to Malta.

The 94s explored the city together.

The maknaes are having a difficult time creating words and instead made up their own while ordering in a restaurant.

Man, J-Hope lost a lot of things this season like the house keys, their money. They almost lost themselves too!

The hyungs went fishing together in front of their house.

Jimin and Jungkook got henna tattoos while exploring the streets.

The Laundry Fairy never missed out on doing the laundry on all seasons. This time, he again struggled with using the washing machine.

Fashionista Jin went out with J-Hope in such an eye-catching outfit.

The best punch line of the season:

After some round of drinks, Suga went home and the maknae was left alone wandering the streets of Malta. He decided to try busking.

The next day, they went to a scuba diving lecture.

While Taehyung is about to arrive and meet the guys. Suga needed to come back to Korea for personal reasons and will not be able to go on with the rest of the trip.

With one last lunch together with the team, Yoongi and the rest of the team waited for the arrival of Taehyung.

And this was the only OT7 moment of the trip.

After Yoongi leaving, the activities resumed. The boys went scuba diving and as for Taehyung who just got off a flight, he was not allowed to do it so he opted jet ski.

Jin also tried diving and did it oh so adorably!

Later that day, they went horse-riding. This is probably Taehyung's fave part of the trip as he knows how to ride a horse because he was trained when he played Hansung in Hwarang.

When they returned home, it was time for V to choose his room. His decision will change the already settled rooming assignments.

He ended up joining JK in his single-bed room.

Here's Jimin casually missing his Yoongi hyung.

The whole gang went fishing together, also struggling together.

And setting up their own outdoor camp...

At night, Jimin noticed his soulmate crying and showed us how much we need a Jimin in our lives.

The next day, They tried the flyboard altogether!

At night, Jin had some alone time trying out the best alcoholic beverages in local bars, meeting new friends too!

And he actually forgot the password of their house.

Inside the house was JK, who decided to dye his hair.

Meanwhile, the 95z had a lovely evening with each other. With a lot of encouragement from Jimin, Taehyung ended up busking too!

The following day was the end-of-the-trip dinner, surprisingly held kilometers above the ground. They wrote their future selves a letter. Taehyung ended the night with a song as promised.

The "real maknaes" enjoyed the rest of the night at the amusement park together.



Now brace yourselves for another memorable Bon Voyage trip!

Now, who's excited?!?

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