BTS graces fans with 'Bon Voyage 4' teasers

"Seven boys go on a RV road trip of their lifetime 🏕️ in New Zealand where sheeps 🐑 roam freely and stars 🌟 sparkle the night sky!"

BTS might be the biggest boyband in the world right now, but they are still normal friends who look forward for a trip around the world with friends. With that, four years ago, Bon Voyage was born!

Their annual travel-slash-work show returns. In 2016, the first ever BV came as an ambush task for the boys as they were asked to pack their things for a Europe tour, 50 minutes before their flight.

In 2017, the septet invaded Hawaii for a friendship tour of a lifetime.

In 2018, despite their growing popularity, they made it to the beautiful and peaceful Malta where they experienced street busking and tried out henna tattoos. The first three seasons are available on V Live+.

This year, the global superstars went on a road trip in New Zealand! Previous twitter and WeVerse posts from the boys were also sort of like teasers already! Even the #CNSChallenge videos they uploaded on their official Tiktok channel was taken here! Let's see what adventures awaits our fave group!

Watch the teaser and preview video below:

'Bon Voyage 4' is available exclusively on WeVerse. It will begin airing on November 19, 2019 at 9:00PM KST. With a total of eight episodes, the series is expected to run until January 7, 2020.

The full series can be purchased through Weply at $19.58. This will also include weekly behind-the-scene footages like prior seasons.

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