B.A.P's Jongup will be releasing his solo album in March 2020!

B.A.P's Jongup has finally signed an exclusive contract with the new agency. He has recently signed on with The Groove Company.

The Groove Company happily announced on November 21 that Jongup signed an exclusive contract with them. The agency assured the fans that they will give their full support to Jongup as a solo artist. They believe that Moon Jongup will able to shine more and show more of his talent as a solo artist.

Moreover, The Groove Company is also asking the fans to show and continue their love and support to Jongup. They believe that he is can be more than excellent in terms of singing, dancing, producing, etc.

Jongup plans to comeback for his solo album which is set to drop next March 2020. He wants to stay connected with fans by showing off his different skills and talent and continuing making music for his fans.

Jongup debuted as a member of B.A.P in 2012. Unfortunately, the group disbanded and parted ways with TS Entertainment earlier this year. They didn't renew their contracts anymore. Then, he recently made his appearance on the AOMG survival show "Sign Here," in September.

Are you looking forward to his solo comeback? Let us show him some love! 

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