Pamper Yourself with this K-Beauty Skincare Brand

In almost 10 years, Korean Scene has been popular due to the massive variety of gems that you need to look for like K-pop music, Korean dramas, Trendy K-Fashion. Today the modernized world has been wide open in various assets they produce. Lately, Korean Skincare became so popular due to its natural ingredients and most people wanted to achieve the glass skin that most Koreans have.

In today's topic, Let’s talk about one of the trendy Korean Skincare on the market.

What is Celepiderme or Celefit?       

Celepiderme is a daily proactive derma-cosmetics brand focused on bringing you multi-functional products. Suitable for all skin types. Celefit mission is to help you find your own beauty and identity with their expertise. Their products are designed to flawlessly complement the skin.
This Korean Beauty Brand is known for its organic yet natural beauty products such as toner, foam cleanser, sheet masks and etc.

MINI TRIVIA: This is recommended by South Korea’s Actress Ms. Park HwanHee

Products that you need to check-out:

1. Celepiderme O2 Bubble Pore Pack

It has carbon acid detox cleanser Super fine dust absorbing cleanser)
No need to worry about your BUSY MORNING! Self-home care with 3-morning pack
Triple Care (Cleansing, Absorbing super fine dust & Facial Mask

Recommend video review: KBeauty Product Review ft. Celepiderme


2. Celepederme Hug your Skin Toner


Alcohol & Paraben-free
This toner has thin consistency that is almost like water and absorbs through the skin instantly without any residues.
Best for double skin cleansing 
Promotes wound healing or acne scars fighting
Anti-aging and brightening your skin than never

3. Celefit Peachbeam Tone-up Whitening Cream


Soothing low irritation tone up cream

Multi-tone up cream usable in 4 seasons

Water glittering makeup is possible Recommended for male/female with dark skin

Instant tone up cream for both face and body

 Convenient tone up cream not requiring washing

4. Celefit Bella Collection Eye Shadow Palette



2. Multi shadow palette completing from daily look to special look out of its different combinations of colors.


5.  Celefit Chiffon-fit Lip Tint

 6 colors: #01 DRY ROSE / #02 ORANGE FIZZ / #03 CORAL STAR / #04 CHILI RED / #05 PINK HIGH / #06 BRICK RED
It contains avocado oil ingredients. It provides moisture and natural vitalization to lips without use of lip oil. Very light Chiffon type texture completing natural lip makeup.

Does these korean beauty products makes you achieve the glass skin? Grab yours now and still beautiful inside and out with Celefit!

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