4 Reasons to watch Doctor John

Have you seen Doctor John? If not, then you are missing half of your life. Doctor John is definitely one of the most promising dramas this 2019.

With that being said, I have listed down some reasons why you must watch Doctor John.

1. Ji Sung is the main lead actor. 

Ji Sung is no doubt one of the greatest and hottest Korean actors of all time.
In this drama, Ji Sung plays as the main character known as Cha Yo Han. If you haven't seen any of his dramas yet. You must start watching one of them now. Doctor John is highly recommended!

2. Doctor John has great story plot. 

Doctor John is not the typical medical Korean drama that you could see on TV. Not the typical drama where doctors cure the patients' disease and then the romance occur Doctor John is not all about doctors' romance and medical stuff. It is more about life, pain, and death. Even if you can't see more romantic scenes, there is still that "romantic excitement" or that "kilig factor" that makes you want to watch the drama more.

3. It has such a great cast! 

Yes, Ji Sung is the main lead in this drama yet every actor shines out the best. Every character plays their roles so well that could make you think everyone is the lead! Not to mention the chemistry that every actor pull off in each of the episodes.

4. Amazing OST!

Doctor John has such an amazing set of songs! As you hear the song in every part of the drama, it makes the drama more touching.

If you are looking for a refreshing Korean drama, Doctor John is highly recommended! 

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