Jung Hae In 'One Summer Night' in Manila 2019

Jung Hae In held a fan meeting "One Summer Night" in Manila this Saturday, September 29 at New Frontier Theater. In fact, this is the second time visiting the actor to meet his Filipino fans.

The South Korean actor started his fan meeting by singing a song that welcomed a loud cheer from the crowd. The actor thanked the fans for coming to his fan meeting and promised them that they would have a great time together.

Then, Hae In tried that calamansi juice as a welcome drink which he really liked. According to him, he really enjoyed drinking it because it tasted sweet and sour.

The show went on with different kinds of the segment such as "Hae In's pick", Hae In's TMI", "Pharmacist for Your Soul", "Mission Impossible 123" and "Oh! Mazing". In every segment, Jung Hae In has shown his different kinds of talent and told fans more information about him. He even shared some pictures of him that he personally chose to show the fans. In addition, he revealed some stories behind those pictures. The fans were able to get to know more about the actor.

The highlight of the fan meet was definitely the segment "Pharmacist for Your Soul". This is the segment where Hae In gave some advice to three fans about life and their concerns. The entire audience was amazed by how passionate and serious Jung Hae In was to give advice to fans.

Then, Hae In shared his thoughts on coming back to the Philippines. He told the fans that he wanted to go back to the country every year and visit some beautiful places such as Boracay and Cebu. In addition, he revealed that he likes to Jolibee, most especially the mango peach pie. He also loves to drink San Mig Light beer.

Jung Hae In sang a total of three songs. Lucky fans were able to play with the actor and got a chance to take a picture with him on stage.

The actor said thanks to the fans many times and he even kept on saying "Mahal Kita" as he bid farewell.

But, of course, the fans were delighted when the host announced that there would be a high touch moment with Hae In for everybody. Then, everyone received an official poster of "One Summer Night" in Manila. No one went home with sadness. Surely all the fans went back home with wonderful memories that they had with Jung Hae In. It's definitely a one summer night to remember in Manila!

Big thanks to Wilbros Entertainment and FNC Entertainment for bringing Jung Hae In once again for One Summer Night in Manila 2019!

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