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It has been a pretty eventful month because two major names in the Hallyu industry paid Manila a visit! 

South Korean idol and former Wanna One member, Bae Jinyoung and Korean actor, Seo Kangjun graced Manila with their charming presence.

Here’s a highlight of what went down during both fanmeets: 

Bae Jinyoung showed us he can do both cute and sexy. He did his own choreography to The Weeknd’s sexy song The Hills.

He did Baebastic again! 

Of course, this wouldn't be complete without him showing off his charms.

Babalik ulit ako.

Then we have this brown-eyed hottie's fanmeet that equally stole fans' hearts!

This lucky tita won a staring contest! Can you imagine staring up close at those gorgeous set of brown eyes??

Another one who was lucky to win a 10-sec hug with Kangjun!

Throwback to when the luckiest fan of all got to try SKJ's sago't gulaman!

We can't wait so see them both back here in Manila! See you soon! 

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