A.C.E's Comeback is officially announced!

Who is A.C.E? Maybe most of you haven't heard about A.C.E yet. Are you curious? Who are they really?  Those kinds of thoughts totally cross your mind right now. It's the best time to to get to know them. Don't worry we got your back. First off, Let's talk about A.C.E.

A.C.E is the very first formed K-pop boy group by Beat Interactive Entertainment. Before debuting, They had posted much dance and sing cover video in their official Youtube account(official A.C.E). They did a lot of busking and mostly covered a lot of Sunbae K-pop groups like Blackpink, NCT, Bigbang, H.O.T and many more. They also covered songs like John Legend's All of Me, Christmas Carols and etc.

The group officially debuted on May 23, 2017, and the fandom name is Choice. Their debut song was 선인장(CACTUS). The group has 5 members which include:

Order from Left to Right
JUN(Leader, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer)
DONGHUN(Main Vocal)
 CHAN(Maknae & Main Vocal)
 BYEONGKWAN(Main Dancer, Lead Vocal & Rapper)
 WOW(Main Dancer, Vocal, Visual & Main Rapper)

Have they caught your heart yet? There's more.

Some of the members featured in I can see your voice Season 4. The members are Jun and Donghun. They joined the "The Unit" & "MIXNINE" survival programs back then. Chan was able to debut with UNB. Donghun & Byeongkwan was included in TOP 9 list of MIXNINE.

Lastly, On May 2, 2019, A.C.E's comeback was officially announced. Check the schedule.

The 2nd mini album comeback title is "Under Cover" which will be released at 12PM KST on May 17. So mark your calendar and join the ride with A.C.E!!




Get ready to feel the strong aura of the comeback. Happy spazzing, everyone!  

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