INFINITE’s Dongwoo enters the military today.

Woolim Entertainment confirmed the reports of INFINITE’s Dongwoo enlisting on April 15. Along with this, the INFINITE member wished to have a peaceful enlistment and did not release the location or time.

He is the third member of the group to enlist following Sunggyu in May 2018 and Sungyeol in March 2019. He will be serving the military as an active duty soldier.

Today, Dongwoo entered the 6th Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province. He was accompanied by his family and close friends including fellow INFINITE member, Sungjong.

A day before the enlistment, he shared his handwritten letter via Instagram:


This is INFINITE’s second-eldest Jang Dongwoo ~.~ It feels strange to greet you with news other than that of an album or activities. Following leader  Sunggyu and Sungyeol, I’m the third one from INFINITE to say goodbye!

Having to tell you about this sudden news about my enlistment, I feel very apologetic to INSPIRIT, and I’m feeling many emotions at once. Many things have happened, and there have been some complications, but INSPIRIT was a great support and source of power for both myself and INFINITE. I will do my best to serve my country so that the love I received can shine even brighter.

I thank our INSPIRIT for letting me have so many big and brilliant activities both as an INFINITE member and as the individual Jang Dongwoo. Starting in 2010 with promotions as part of INFINITE, a unit, and as a solo artist, as well as activities like musicals, variety shows, radio shows, concerts, a world tour, and more, it was thanks to INSPIRIT that these unbelievable things were made possible, and I thank you deeply once again!

I was so happy and felt blessed about my activities that I would want to be a part of INFINITE again if I were to be reborn!

INSPIRIT! King of adapting! King of optimism! Second-eldest Ddo Ddo Woo! I’ll be back safely!

From our beloved Dongwoo!

Before heading out, he posted on his Instagram with a photo of him and his beloved friends and family

Serve well and Stay Safe Dongwoon!

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